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Take your caught fish home with you!

As the only licensed smokehouse in Cabo San Lucas 'Gricelda's Smokehouse' has been making anglers happy from all over the world as they leave Cabo with a taste of what they have caught!

Using a special marinade and a natural wood smoke, the smokehouse service includes:-

• Clean, Fillet, Vacuum Pack + Freeze
US$ 1.50 per lb (finished weight)
• Clean, Fillet, Smoke + Vacuum Pack
US$ 5.00 per lb (finished weight)
NOTE: Smoking the fish reduces weight by 50%
• We will treat and store your fish whilst you are in Cabo ready for collection when you leave.

Small portions typically for two are prepared for each vacuum pack. If frozen you will need to bring a hard or soft-sided cooler (styrofoam not acceptable) with you (we do sell them if needed), this will protect the fish for a minimum period of 24 hours allowing you time to travel home. Smoked fish is refrigerated when vacuum packed and will also be good for a minimum period of 24 hours for travel purposes (no refrigeration needed during travel). All food products should be packed in checked luggage and declared in customs if required in the arrival country. None of our clients have had any problems with customs officials.

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Visit Grace and Dale at their office (see
location) before you start fishing if you intend to take your fish home with you and get the best advice available.

If you plan on taking your fish home with you make sure you put in ice as soon as it is landed. This will ensure premium quality for smoking and freezing.

Let your charter captain know that you intend to use the SMOKEHOUSE services and they will call ahead to have your fish collected from the dock when you arrive at the end of the day.


Grace (Gricelda) is ready to help you with all your smoking and freezing requirements for your caught fish.